What You See Is What You Remember

One question I’m often asked by potential clients is, “How is videography different from photography?” Aside from the obvious answer, I tell clients that their wedding video will shape their memory of the event. Everyone wants to preserve their memory of this important event, otherwise they wouldn’t be shopping for a photographer or videographer at all! Human memory is enhanced by the subsequent recall of events, and the story of our memory is traced and re-traced in our minds every time we visit it. Video has the power to immerse us in the environment, bring us back to the moment, and to passively guide us through our memory. Unlike photos which show individual moments or formal poses, video connects the moments and weaves a tapestry that becomes our personal story.

Of course there are many styles of wedding videography, and choosing a videographer should be based primarily on what type of memory you want to create. Do you want your memory to be a beautiful dream, full of picture perfect moments to rival any cosmetics commercial? Then you will probably want a cinematic videographer with a larger crew, more lighting & equipment.

If you want to capture the feeling of your romance rather than the specific events of your wedding day, you may consider making a concept video. Or if you’d like to have your turn as fashion model, you may consider a bridal glamour video instead of the traditional bridal portrait.

On the other hand, a documentary videographer will be focused on preserving your memory of events as they occured and will be less likely to attempt to control or stage the events of the day. The philosophy of the documentary wedding videographer is that there is beauty in the real lives and relationships of human beings, and that with skill and hard work, this real life beauty can be distilled into an intensely personal and moving story which will shape your wedding memory every time you watch it!

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