What is a Concept Video?

Wedding video can be anything you want it to be. It really depends on what’s important to you. If you want to remember the events of your special day & be able to relive that experience, then “Day of Wedding” service is right for you. But if you would really just like a short & romantic video to commemorate the occasion, a “Concept Video” might be right for you!

In the example above, Joel & Michelle Seymour celebrate six years of marriage by spending a romantic morning reflecting on their wedding. A concept video can be a less expensive alternative to a traditional wedding video because they are more straightforward to produce, requiring only a couple of hours for you & your sweetie to play in front of the camera. They can be produced anytime – as a “Save the Date” video before the wedding or as a “Trash the Dress” video after the fact. If you have a creative concept, you can produce the video around that idea, or you can take the “Bridal Glamour” approach. Either way, you may want to keep a concept video in mind as an alternative to the traditional wedding video.

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