Complete Edit vs. Highlights

What the heck am I talking about? I find that most clients do not initially understand the difference between a “complete edit” and “highlights only” service. So I thought it might be good to take a few minutes to explain.

No matter what package you choose, I always want to deliver the best wedding video that I possibly can for my clients. And really, I shoot the same way regardless of the level of editing that is chosen with the client’s package. But choosing “complete edit” vs. “highlights” has a huge impact on what your finished wedding video will be like. With my less expensive “highlights” packages, you still get an edited ceremony, and you get a one song highlights edit that summarizes your entire wedding day. Most clients are very happy with this, as it is fun, short, and convenient to share online. But because the highlights format is short, there is less time to spend with your friends and guests in the storytelling. You still get all of your source video, so you can go back and watch everything. But it is not completely trimmed & cleaned for presentation, and even though you can skip through chapters on the DVD, some clients may find this raw presentation a bit tedious.

The “complete edit” on the other hand, makes a fully polished movie of your day. This longer format presentation has more time for details, footage of guests, and complete storytelling. It is simply the best way to relive your day, and is what I recommend since it is much more fun to watch when everything is cleaned up & set to music.

When I first began making wedding videos, complete edit was how I thought it should be done! I started offering the highlights packages so that I could offer a lower price point for my clients, and I have had a very good response, but it still is not the same as having a fully polished presentation of your day. I do also include the shorter highlights with the complete edit, so choosing a package that includes the complete edit really is the best choice. Please take a look at my website for more package information & pricing.

One thought on “Complete Edit vs. Highlights

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