Spring Weddings and Pricing Changes

It’s been a busy year so far, and sometimes I wait too long to write about things and then they don’t seem relevant anymore. So, in the interest of developing my little business, I am committing to blogging more often!

I started the year by covering two dance events and finishing & delivering last year’s weddings. March has me scheduled for three weddings, which is a lot for me since I largely work alone and edit all my own material (while caring for two small children). This weekend I had the privilege of covering Xiaoyin & Haowen’s colorful spring wedding at Grace Presbyterian Church.

If you’ve ever visited my blog or website before, you may notice I’ve made some changes. Mostly, I’ve combined the two to streamline the presentation of information, but I have also just updated my pricing. As a special gift to those interested enough to read this, here’s a little secret – I’m a softie. Through March 31st only, you can say “pretty please” when you book your wedding video & still get 2011 pricing… but only until the end of the month! I also just implemented ShootQ, an online booking and client management application, so customer service should be better than ever going forward.

It is my hope to make 2012 my best year yet, to grow as an artist and a business person, to broaden the array of services that I offer, and to increase the capacity of my business by developing more partnerships within the industry. Won’t you spend part of your 2012 with me?

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